RymdResa - A Procedurally Generated Space Odysseyhyperboost



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We are a Swedish couple making games together ;-)

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Each chapter has unique gameplay and a unique set of Diary Pods. Chapter 3 is set in a new universe!

Pilot Level

Level 5

+0.00% extra spacepoints from quest

+0.00% extra resources from quest

+0.00% to exploration success rate

-0.00% spacepoints lose rate from quest

-0.00% resource lose rate from quest

+0.00% item finding

+0.00% higher ranked items

+0.00% change of extra item

+0.00% ship acceleration

+0.00 supply-station charges

+0.00% shield revovery rate

+0.00 items from shops

+0.00 ancient techs requirments

+0.00 resources

+0.00% consumable items effect

+0.00%max resources

-0.00% resources lost per year

+0.00% damage reduction from impact

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